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b. 1992. London, UK


Graceland London is an artist based in London, UK. She studied Fine Art and History of Art at Hampstead Fine Arts, and a BA in 3D Digital Design and Animation at Greenwich University. 


Graceland London’s brave use of bold and bright colours in her artwork provides an iron fist in a velvet glove. The colour in her work is juxtaposed by the darker themes she is set to exploring. Loading her artwork with an array of symbols, Graceland London invites her audience to really look at her work closely. Operating on the basis that the more you look the better you can see, Graceland London’s artwork is full of surprises. 


The overarching theme prevalent through all of Graceland London’s work is an interest in examining consumerism. Much of her art features scenes depicting the over-consumption of vices as a way of feeding the human ego. The characters in her work nod to the many different emotions humans feel, and the facades they build for the world to see. 


Although Graceland London’s artwork is contemporary and humorous, she is heavily influenced by historical religious symbolism present in Italian Renaissance, and Flemish art. In addition, Graceland London draws inspiration from her frequent trips to the USA, which she considers and important influence to her artwork’s aesthetic. A recurring motif throughout Graceland London’s work is the fried egg. The fried egg serves as a spin on the traditional symbolism of the egg in art as visual shorthand for new life and un-hatched potential. As the egg is fried it is not un-hatched and therefore its potential is tainted: all new life is subject to ending up with vices because of its environment.


In her paintings she uses both acrylic and oil. The acrylic is layered onto the canvas in calculated flat brushstrokes, taking care to ensure an even, untextured surface. Within this she chooses one element of the painting to be painted in oil. The depth of the oil juxtaposes the flatness of the acrylic, adding another dimension to the painting.


Most recently Graceland London has been active in the NFT space, having launched her very own pfp project: Lady Lileth. She has also been accepted as a SuperRare artist.. 


Graceland London has exhibited her work internationally and is currently represented by Maddox Gallery. In 2019, she exhibited at Art Basel for Miami Art Week, where she created a 10ft x 10ft interactive room, contributed to the Best Buddies Charity Organisation and designed artwork for well known producer DIPLO. 


Supporting mental health initiatives is only one small way through which Graceland London feels she can give back.

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