About the artist

Born in London, England, Grace studied Fine Art and History of Art at Hampstead Fine Arts, London gaining a Bachelor's degree at Greenwich University in 3D Digital Design and Animation which influences the technical side of her artwork. 

Grace is best known as Graceland London using brave, bold use of colour in her vibrant illustrations and paintings which depict the darker side of human nature and consumption. Her art visualizes self obsession and displays self questioning quotes.


She developed a love for art as a child, always favouring vivid use of colour. Her style is predominantly contemporary and humorous, but subtly influenced by the historical religious symbolism in Italian Renaissance and Flemish art.


Her overall subject matter examines human consumption. She explores scenes of how us as human beings, consume vices in life to feed our inner egos. The characters in her artwork depict the many types of emotions we feel and in turn the facades we display to the rest of the world.


Graceland London is based in London, from her studio near the famous Portobello Road, London . She takes frequent trips to America, which she considers an important influence in her work.


In 2020 Graceland London exhibited at Bloomsbury Gallery, Central London, Maddox Gallery, Mayfair and JD Malat Gallery Mayfair, London as well as in Los Angeles and Camden Art Council. She also exhibited at Art Basel for Miami art week, Florida in 2019 creating a 10ft x 10ft interactive room and successfully selling her paintings at the gallery above and contributing to the Best Buddies Charity organisation. Graceland London designed artwork for a well known producer, her Artwork and a motion screen was also displayed at the biggest club in Miami. 

"How often do you think about the way you think? To me, Mental health is one of the most important things in life, and I will never understand why they don’t teach kids about the signs in school. Through my stresses of life I had to research and teach myself about my feelings until I got the hang of why I was feeling the way I did. And I can honestly say to this day my anxiety is minimal and under control.

Sometimes I help people who have experienced the same thing as me and I think everyone should do the same. If your brain is muddled and cloudy your life and interactions with people will be the same. If we want to change the world it begins with mental health."

Graceland London is supporting mental health charities through her artwork and products. She donated a painting in aid of NHS 'Heroes, Help them Help Us charity via the 'Art for Heroes' initiative by Maddox Gallery during the beginning of the CoVid-19 crisis. The charity aims to help support the welfare and well being of NHS staff.

Most recently, Graceland London has been active in the NFT space. She has been accepted as a SuperRare artist and has also been named the official artist for DNNR (the most exclusive NFT Dining Club in the world). 

grace in studio at work 2.jpg